Carrier grade solution from ituma for the provider NetColgne

Hilden/Köln, 01/08/2019

“Free Wi-Fi for everyone” is the motto of NetCologne’s is the public and free Wi-Fi service of the city of Cologne. From the city center to the outer quarters, NetCologne operates the Wi-Fi network and is constantly working to make it denser in all nine of Cologne’s districts. Over 850 access points are currently installed, and soon there will be over 1,000. More than 50,000 users log into the Internet every day via From July 2019, the ituma ADUNO provider solution will be used.

The modular infrastructure of the innovative service portal and CRM tool ADUNO was specially modeled for the provision of a Wi-Fi hotspot infrastructure. In contrast to the ituma single system solution, which provides all relevant elements in a central appliance, the ADUNO provider solution was designed with a modular structure. As a result, limiting elements for scaling were outsourced in separate units. In this way, stable operation of the system is guaranteed even with a high network load.

The ituma ADUNO provider solution fulfills all requirements to operate the hotspot service at carrier level. The expanded range of functions is also taken into account. The central routing of network traffic is guaranteed by high-performance third-party components (e.g. Nokia 7750 SR). This enables an increased data throughput. Other services such as Radius and MySQL are separated into separate units.

Partner: NetCologne /