Hilden, 30/05/2022

At the end of May 2022, the time had come: The 5G Campus network Kleinhülsen is ready for operation!

“We decided on our own 5G campus network in order to be able to provide our customers with future-proof support in setting up the core architecture and configuring their networks as well as integrating applications,” says Managing Director Simon Marg. “Our employees as well as external partners can thus actively develop new applications and test them here live on site.”

The antenna mast was erected specifically for the facility, and LAN, fiber optic and power lines were laid to connect the antenna, base stations and the technical rooms. The components based on a 5G system from Nokia – baseband units, sHubs and the core system – were connected, the prepared SIM cards inserted and the network coverage metrologically checked.

Technology partnership Frings IT Solutions & ituma