Connection of the Hamburg HOCHBAHN buses to the ituma platform

Hilden/Hamburg, 03/12/2018

Transition-free WiFi service from MobyKlick for all passengers GmbH operates a nationwide broadband high-speed telecommunications network in Norderstedt. The company is present in Hamburg through the cooperation with the housing company SAGA GWG and operates the Hamburg fiber optic network with the partner In cooperation with the HOCHBAHN, all buses and the 92 subway stations have been equipped with high-speed access in recent months.

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“Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) and the MobyKlick provider, GmbH, have completed the project to expand the free WiFi by completing the access at all 92 subway stations. The HOCHBAHN- Bus fleet equipped with MobyKlick’s WLAN offering. Now the equipment for the subway stations could be finished – the completion was planned by the end of the year. ”

Development of the extended authorization and management platform by ituma
Ituma’s Managed WLAN Solution Platform has been used by WilhelmTel / MobyKlick for the free WLAN network in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region since 2017. The platform includes a 3-tier client system (client, reseller, customer) with web login portal, radius / DHCP server, scalable WiFi gateway and reporting functionality (system utilization, number of users, average length of stay, volume / bandwidth usage per user). The user and login data are treated separately by the user traffic.

The current expansion enables the connection of the NetModules installed in the Hochbahn buses to the Mobyklick infrastructure. It ensures a separate control of the data traffic of the devices connected to the elevated railway, enables customer and voucher management via the cockpit and implements a zone profile specific to the elevated railway with bandwidth limitation, volume limitation and a defined reset time.

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