Rely on the fifth generation of wireless networking technology.

5G is the network of the future – in all areas.

A 5G network enables the highest data speeds, greatly reduced latency and support for extremely large numbers of users, devices and services.

Applications in industrial automation, healthcare, agriculture, construction and logistics will be revolutionized by 5G network technology.

Deploying a 5G POC campus network on your campus.

incl. application for radio licenses, delivery of hardware as well as installation and commissioning;
Preparation of a final report with test protocol, provision of compatible end devices, measurement of signal strength as well as wall penetration in hard-to-reach areas.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience all the benefits of a 5G Campus Network live as part of a professional test installation, e.g. on your own premises/building!

Innovative network technology for practical applications

5G offers crucial improvements in real-world applications:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
    Significantly faster broadband services for mobile connections
  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)
    Very reliable communication with low latency
  • Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)
    Communication for an extremely high number of sensors and other devices

These features are prerequisites for augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR, VR and MR) applications.


Remote-controlled operations and networked ambulances can save lives, e.g. if no appropriate specialists are available on site. Fail-safe 5G networks ensure fast, interference-free communication between people and machines.


Applications in industrial automation, where even the smallest moving parts are sensed and operated wirelessly, place extremely high demands on the speed and reliability of the systems used.

The guaranteed assurance of performance parameters regarding data rate, transmission delay and reliability of private stand-alone 5G campus networks can meet these requirements.


In agriculture, for example, self-driving harvesters or drones for the application of pesticides are already a reality.

5G increases data rates and reliability in poor network coverage and optimizes these processes. In drone flights for field analysis, data transmission with 5G leads to significantly better image quality.