Hilden/Bonn, 25/04/2022

The Federal Network Agency has allocated 100 MHz of the 3,700 – 3,800 MHz frequency band to ituma for local use.

The allocation forms the basis for setting up the 5G campus network of ituma and Frings IT Solutions, which will go live on the company’s premises in Hilden in mid-2022 with the hardware already supplied.
The configuration of the already delivered 5G system from Nokia will take place in the next few weeks. A dedicated base station with a mast-mounted outdoor antenna and additional indoor antennas will ensure comprehensive coverage of the site.

As a technical innovation on the way to the digital future, the 5G environment will be used to develop own applications as well as be made available to customers for testing purposes. A second version of the same hardware is being prepared for mobile use in order to enable customers to temporarily set up a 5G network on site.

Technology partnership Frings IT Solutions & ituma