Nokia DAC Channel Partner / Nokia Global Partner Program

Hilden, 01/02/2022

Earlier this year, ituma employees successfully passed qualifications as Nokia partners in various areas.

Nokia DAC represents an E2E digitization platform for industry based on 4G and 5G. The certifications for ituma employees for the Nokia DAC Partner awards include Sales Associate, Installer Certification, Operator Overview and Aware. In the Nokia Global Partner Program sector, our employees were awarded Sales Associate, Sales Engineer Specialist, AirScale Radio Sales Associate and Partner Relationship Manager.

The partner certifications are a milestone for advancing environments that combine reliable high-bandwidth, low-latency 4G/5G connectivity with local edge computing capabilities.

As a Nokia DAC Channel Partner, we help you realize the full potential of the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud solution for your projects.

Partner: Nokia DAC (Nokia Digital Automation Cloud)