Next generation Seamless Connectivity Platform (SCP)

Next-generation Seamless Connectivity Platform (SCP) enables seamless WLAN for Deutsche Bahn customers and visitors
Hilden, 20/10/2021

A free WLAN across all areas with a uniform WLAN name, uniform appearance and seamless transition between all networks.

Standardization of the WLAN offering and flexible connection of different networks to a new central session management system.


  • Complete replacement of the existing installation
  • High reliability due to site redundancy
  • Verified, highest performance for over 400,000 concurrent users
  • Uninterrupted transition between all connected networks
  • Playout of location based content

Free Wi-Fi and digital services at stations and on local and long-distance public transport are an increasingly important product component of modern mobility. Accordingly, Deutsche Bahn has been consistently and continuously expanding the offering for its passengers and visitors for many years. The organic growth of the WLAN infrastructure in the various business areas and the integration of the existing WLAN offerings of the business partners and fields reached its limits. It was to be replaced by a new central session management system that spans all areas and enables a seamless transition between networks, thus providing a seamless experience during the journey. At the same time, the requirements for scaling and expansions in the coming years should be mapped.

Partner: DB Systel GmbH / Nokia