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Cisco Connect

Data provided by the Spatial Intelligence Platform from Logicalis provided added value to our planning and design of future Cisco events


Cisco Connect 2014 Berlin turned an old, empty train station into an impressive business conference venue. The flagship two-day event covered the industry’s hottest topics, providing guests with access to technical education content, networking opportunities, Cisco and partner expertise, and insight from Cisco leadership and industry visionaries.

With key themes including the Internet of Everything, smart cities, and digital disruption, it was essential that the venue provided users with an outstanding Wi-Fi experience. With high ceilings and the risk of interference from a neighboring station, the event also provided an ideal setting to road test the Cisco Mobility Services Engine solution.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, Logicalis planned, built, and managed the project. “As well as ensuring perfect wireless service, our challenge was to gather location analytics data about audience engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately provide Cisco with a higher return on investment”, says Stefan Mulder, Director Sales at Logicalis. […]

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(Photo: Cisco Systems GmbH |Cisco Connect 2014 in Berlin)