Logicalis acquires majority stake in wireless service provider ituma

Logicalis acquires majority stake in wireless service provider ITUMA

Expected increase in sales of infrastructure and managed services

London / Cologne, 02. September 2014 – Logicalis Group, an international provider of IT solutions and managed services, has acquired the majority with 51 per cent of the ITUMA GmbH, located in Haan. ITUMA is a German company that is specialized on wireless services such as 3D indoor navigation, product and service entrances, product advertising and retail omni channels. With this joint venture, the Logicalis expands its portfolio of wireless services for the commercial and public sectors as well as for educational institutions clearly. “Our strategic main goal of the majority interest are the exclusive rights to the wireless range of ITUMA” said Mark Rogers, President and COO of Logicalis Group. “We expect a high market penetration, as our customers are investing in wireless infrastructure or plan it.”

Omni channel is the future

With the ITUMA Wi-Fi software retailers, shopping malls, stadiums, universities, train stations and airports can offer consumers and visitors a valuable and seamless omni channel service. These include Wi-Fi-enabled services such as indoor navigation, product information and information about the location and offerings that take advantage of the Wi-Fi infrastructure of the building and to allow consumers real and targeted digital travel.

Better market penetration

“The development strategy of ITUMA is the perfect complement to the Cisco Gold Partnership of Logicalis. We will offer this combined offering in all countries where we are represented, “said Rogers thrilled of the partnership.”Due to the international presence of Logicalis and their numerous years of experience in IT solutions and managed services, we will achieve a significantly better market penetration with our successful wireless offering,” says Simon Marg, CEO of ITUMA GmbH. “For ITUMA this is a great chance to boost global sales. And this at a time, where the commercial demand for mobility solutions is higher than ever. ”

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